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The  Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS) , a subdivision of Information Technology, is committed to providing services, support, and education to the Campus community in order to effectively integrate technology into instructional and administrative operating units. We achieve this mission by offering a wide variety of training opportunities, faculty development programs and initiatives, and Instructional Design expertise delivered in a manner that is customized in order to facilitate, support, and enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning through the use of technology. Our focus is on adapting emerging and promising technologies to the teaching curriculum and demonstrating best pedagogical uses that will enhance the learning environment.


Dr. Yanling Sun is the Director of Technology Training and Integration in the Information Technology Division at Montclair State University....


Courtney Volpe is Senior Technology Trainer. Email:


Pamela Fallivene is a Technology Trainer. Email:


Robin Walker is the Program Assistant. Email:


Carolyn Demefack is a Senior Instructional Designer with Montclair State University. She has over fifteen years of experience as an...


Dr. Jinxia He is an Instructional Designer at Montclair State University. Before that, she worked as an Instructional Design Technologist...


Patrick Scioscia is an Instructional Designer within the Technology Training and Integration group here at Montclair State University. His responsibilities...


Joe Russo is an Instructional Designer with Montclair State University. He previously worked at Montclair State’s ADP Center for Teacher...


Jiao Zou is an Instructional Designer with Montclair State University. Her work focuses on identifying, evaluating, developing, and implementing new avenues...


Keith Adams is an Instructional Designer with Montclair State University. Coming to MSU with an extensive background in teaching and instructional design, Keith...


Terry Steckowich is an Online Learning Support Specialist. Email:


Daniel Stratthaus is a Technology Specialist. Email:


Becky Pataki is an ERP Systems Trainer. Email:


Rose Lamela is a Multimedia Specialist. Email:


Qian (Lora) is an Instructional Technology Assistant. Email:


Christopher is an Instructional Technology Assistant. Email:

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