TechSmith Relay & NJVid

TechSmith Relay

Are you looking for an engaging way to present course materials online? TechSmith Relay (Formerly Camtasia Relay) is software that allows you to create instructional materials by recording activity on your computer screen and exporting to a video format. You may start with a PowerPoint presentation, website, or document and record your voice over it as you click. At the end of the recording, TechSmith Relay generates a video file that is automatically sent to NJVID for students to playback and review.

  1. Intro to TechSmith Relay
  2. Uninstall TechSmith Relay Recorder (MAC)
  3. Uninstall Techsmith Relay Recorder (WINDOWS)



What is NJVID?

NJVID, known as the New Jersey Digital Video Repository, is a service for video streaming and publishing of videos for higher education institutions. NJVID provides a common online platform for presenting, accessing, and hosting Montclair State University’s licensed and locally produced videos that educate and enlighten viewers in support of hybrid and online teaching and learning.

MSU’s NJVID accommodates two types of video collections: Academic/Administrative Collections and Commercial Video Collections (the Sprague Library Collection).

How Do I Use NJVID?

NJVID can stream locally produced videos to publish and deliver on the web not only to enhance instructional outcomes, but also to enrich administrative presentations and other projects. NJVID can also authorize access to your videos based on the target audience you have determined. Information Technology provides thorough documentation to assist the Campus Community to use NJVID. Check out our documentation below to learn how to use NJVID:

To learn more about NJVID please go to OIT website.


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