Survey and Assessment Tools

  • Allows you to create and distribute professional-quality surveys, collect responses, and download the data quickly and easily. This simple-to-use survey tool provides a variety of questions and options to meet your needs.
  • MSU Survey (LimeSurvey): Service is an open source online survey application. It enables users to develop, publish and collect responses to surveys while combining ease of use with powerful functionality. MSU’s Survey service offers strong support for research surveys, with branching logic, more than 20 different question types, anonymous or identified participants, and a variety of output formats and graphical displays for the data collected.
  • Canvas Instructure Survey: You can create surveys using the Canvas Quiz tool.
  • Poll Everywhere: Poll Everywhere is a free web-based service that allows participants to text in responses to poll or survey questions. With Poll Everywhere, you are able to access immediate, live responses. This is good for brief, quick feedback.
  • Doodle: Doodle can be used as both a polling and scheduling tool. Doodle is free and easy to use.
  • Pinnion: Pinnion is an authoring, delivery and measurement tool for surveys, quizzes and polls.
  • PollDaddy: Create Polls and Surveys using this tool.
  • Socrative: Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students in real-time via web browser or app. It’s Free!
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  • Quizlet: Quizlet is a web based Quiz and study creating tool.
  • Google Forms: Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires for free. Gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in Google Sheets.

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