Online Learner Feedback

“My favorite part about this course is that it was ONLINE! As someone who works full time it was very convenient for me, and I learned more than I ever did in any of my face-to-face classes- because sometimes you get afraid to ask questions but on here – you do not.”

“I think it makes you more open and you get to hear EVERYONE’s opinion being you have to post to discussion boards/modules etc.”

“Having to complete the work without a constant reminder that it was due, such as in a face-to-face professor interaction.”

“Being able to pace myself, allowing me to study/learn when it was most conducive to my schedule – that way I was able to pay utmost attention to everything and get more out of it.”

“After working 9-5, it is difficult to make the drive to campus on time and pay attention to every detail of class. By being able to log in when I wasn’t exhausted from a full work day (i.e. weekends/late evening) I was able to pay more attention to content.”

“The ability to learn at your own pace and to research other resources rather than just relying on lectures.”

“I am a person that needs to work a lot and it would be much easier for me to be able to do my schooling online.”

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