Evaluation for Course Design and Online Teaching

In order to ensure the quality of online courses, the Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS) group has developed a set of evaluation forms for online course design and teaching. Departments, programs and individual faculty can use these forms, the Online Teaching Evaluation Form and Online Course Design Evaluation Form, to evaluate online courses. The Online Teaching Evaluation Form is designed for faculty to conduct peer review or to self-assess their online teaching, while the Course Design Evaluation Form serves as a guideline to assess whether an online course is well designed from a pedagogical and technological point of view. Either form can be adapted or revised according to the pedagogical approach of an individual department, program or faculty member.

  1. MSU Online Teaching Peer Evaluation forms
  2. MSU Online Course Design Evaluation Forms
 Below is an example of a developed evaluation form by CART, based on our evaluation forms.

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