Online Program Development

Montclair State University has included online initiatives in the university’s strategic plan and has designed a process for online program development. The major steps in developing an online degree program are:

Step 1: Identify an existing online program for online delivery
Step 2: Obtain approval from the respective college/school and the Provost
Step 3: Prepare a curriculum map (including course content-developing faculty) for the program
Step 4: Create a course design project plan for the program

Take a look at this flowchart of the process of online program development.

Online Course Design Process

The process for developing online courses that are a part of fully online degree programs is very similar to that of developing individual courses. If you are developing a course for an online degree program, you will be assigned an Instructional Designer who will support you throughout the process. Faculty members designing online courses for online programs will follow a program-wide project plan and abide by program defined course design guidelines, including the use of a template. Courses are designed for eight weeks and are generally asynchronous in nature. An accredited online program results in the same quality degree earned as traditional programs at Montclair State University.

Take a look at this flowchart of the online course design process in online programs.

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